Responsive Supersite Theme - Beta

What is the Beta mode?


  • Supersite has a lot of pages, so we have launched the Responsive theme in beta mode. In this mode, only a few pages are available in mobile and tablet layout. These are the pages which get 70% of Supersite's traffic. We’ll keep adding all pages to the theme gradually. On desktop, all pages are available.

  • We recommend that you do not make any customisations to the responsive theme in beta mode.

  • Regular updates: We’ll regularly update the CSS theme to add more pages. Although it will not break the default Supersite, the layout might break if you have customised the content.

Can I see a preview of my Supersite with the new theme before applying?

Yes. The preview available in the Supersite Admin area is of your Supersite with the responsive theme. Be rest assured, this preview will not affect your existing Supersite and the Responsive theme will be updated on your Supersite only after you apply the theme. We recommend that you to check all pages in preview mode before applying this theme.

Can I switch back to the default theme?

Yes. Switching back to the default theme will not affect your existing Supersite.

How can I apply the responsive theme?

The responsive theme can be applied from Supersite Admin area after login. It is also available in the list of themes in your Supersite Admin area.

How can I report issues?

If you find any issues in the responsive theme and have not modified any Supersite files, you can report it to us using the "Report it now” link on the preview page in Supersite Admin area.

Will it affect my existing theme?

No, your existing theme will not be affected if you switch to the responsive theme.

Why do I see only a few pages in the responsive theme?

In Beta mode, we have only made a few pages responsive. We’ll keep making more pages responsive post which it will be available in the menu bar.

Do you provide assistance in making my customized Supersite compatible with the responsive theme?

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you in case of a customized Supersite. You will have to fix it yourself or with the help of a developer.